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By: Ezra Plank

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Contractors for plumbing jobs are not hard to find, but you may have a lot of trouble getting one to come to your house. Qualified plumbers are never short of work - for more than one reason. Many plumbing repairs are emergencies, and must be fixed quickly before the leaking appliance can cause a lot of damage.

Most homeowners don't have the experience or the tools to attempt doing their own plumbing. So if you have work that is not an emergency, make sure that you book your plumber well in advance.

Handyman by hepp, on Flickr
Fixing the sink.

If you ever have leaking water caused by faulty plumbing, there's only one thing to do. Immediately turn off the valve that's feeding the leak, and call a qualified plumber to come look at the problem.

Before this kind of thing happens in your home, make sure that you learn where the main stopcock is located. Don't wait until it's too late. Also be sure that you know how to turn off the electricity, since flooding water and electricity don't mix!

Antarctica: Tim the Plumber by eliduke, on Flickr
Using a torch to join copper tubing.

Often, if there's no emergency, there are things that you can do yourself in repairing and maintaning your home plumbing. It's not like gas appliances, which almost always need an appliance repairman. Maintaining the plumbing in your home is one of the less intimidating jobs to take on.

If you take the time to read up on how your appliances work, you should be able to do a lot of these home maintenance repair jobs yourself. Get yourself a good home repair guide. Or use the internet - that's an excellent source for instructional materials. Videos are available, giving you a visual demonstration of how to do each task.

Rescue Rooter plumber discusses the sewer, right after he discovered the broken toilet, wearing rubber gloves, bathroom, Broadview duplex, Seattle, Washington, USA by Wonderlane, on Flickr
Plumber explains about the toilet.

Home toilet repairs are often easy enough for you to undertake by yourself. One example is a continuously running toilet. ( See More Articles... at the bottom of this page for some easy fixes for this. ) This problem can waste a lot of water, so it's best to fix it as quickly as you can. Other fixtures in your bathroom could also be damaged.

If you've never done this kind of work before, you could be a bit apprehensive about attempting home plumbing repair. Don't stress too much, though. Even if you mess up, you can always get some help by calling a plumbing contractor. It really shouldn't be a problem, though, as plenty of helpful information is available on the internet.

Copper repiping by Carey Tilden, on Flickr
This repair was hard to reach.

And after you've done one job, you will be more confident in your abilities, and be ready to take on other repairs. If you can, try to find out what it would have cost you to hire a professional to do the job you just finished. That should easily convince you of the value of doing your own plumbing repairs.

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