Here's How to Make Your Own Home Repair Guide

By: Ezra Plank

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Vintage home repair guide.

As a homeowner, do you want to save yourself some money on doing home maintenance and repair around your house? Aren't you tired of shelling out big bucks to contractors every time something needs doing? Then you need to find a good home repair manual to show you how to do it yourself. Or you can put together your own collection of techniques and tips from many different sources.

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Include articles on basic techniques.

One place to begin searching for help might be that used book store downtown. They probably have an old repair guide hiding somewhere on their shelves. Even though it might be a bit dated, there are still plenty of techniques that remain the same nowadays as they were years ago.

Another great place for a used books search is the internet. On eBay, a quick search turned up 75 results. The first - one of the so-called "idiot's guides" - had a bid of only 99 cents! And Amazon also carries a lot of used books for sale at very low prices.

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Another vintage guide.

If you need to find out how to repair your ten-year-old lawn mower, which is no longer in production, try one of the DIY forums that are sprouting up all over the net. You will surely find someone who knows what to do with that particular brand of mower, and will be happy to give you some help. Add this to your own rapidly-expanding repair guide.

My own personal favorite way to find what I want on the interet is to use one of the search engines. Here are three of the websites I found that have very comprehensive information on home repairs.

  • Home Repair - This popular website has literally hundreds of articles on various types of repairs that you can reference. It is divided into three sections: electrical, heating and cooling, and plumbing. There's even a blog with new articles posted every week.
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    Detailed instructions on just about anything.
  • - This site has a wide variety of sections, some dealing with topics not usually classified as home repairs, such as garden care, pest control, and PC repair.
  • - In addition to home maintenance articles, they also have some different kinds of how-to guides, like automotive repair, personal finance, and decorating. Plus, many of the topics have instructional videos, which are becoming really popular nowadays.

So there you go. That's certainly plenty of places for you to look for the information you need to put together your own unique and useful guide for home repair and maintenance.

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by Ezra Plank, an Ezine Articles Platinum Expert Author