Hot Water Heater Repair - You Can Do It Yourself

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Many times, repairing a hot water heater is an easy maintenance job, and takes less time than it does to watch your favorite TV show. Why spend good money on a plumber if you donít have to? There are so many other things that a plumberís fee could be spent on, like an afternoon at the movies or a shopping trip to the mall.

Two problems commonly seen with hot water heaters include insufficient hot water, and smelly water. Both can be diagnosed and repaired with ease, so why not give it a try? You can enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself, and you will definitely enjoy the savings.

Not Enough Hot Water

Water Heater by FairbanksMike, on Flickr
Primitive water heater.

Nothing is more frustrating than being in the middle of a shower and running out of hot water. Your hair has shampoo in it, and itís running down into your face. Once you rinse off and get out, head on over to the tank to see if you can find the problem.

It may be that the thermostat is not properly set. If that isnít the case, your tank may need to be flushed, which takes very little time at all. If neither of these solve the problem, you are looking at someting more complicated. Spend some time reading your home repair manual to learn more about water heater repair. Many of these repairs are fairly simple - you just need to learn how to do them. ( See More Articles... at the bottom of this page for some easy maintenance tips. )

Smelly Water

The purpose of a shower or bath is to get your body clean and remove any unpleasant odors that may result from daily activity. Yet, what do you do when the water from your faucet smells worse than you do?

dsc_0001.jpg by sparr0, on Flickr
Plumber installing a water heater

This, unfortunately, is a common problem, caused by a buildup of bacteria in the water tank. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to fix.

First, drain the water from the tank. How this is done will vary from heater to heater, so you need to check your manual to determine how. Once the tank is drained, pour some hydrogen peroxide into the cold water input port. Then close the input valve again, and turn on all the faucets and outlets in the house, including those running to your major appliances. This will kill the bacteria and eliminate the smell.

Other Problems

Sigh. Now my water heater is leaking. :-( by diaper, on Flickr
Water heater is leaking

Before you call in your appliance repairman, do some research to see if you can easily fix the problem yourself. For example, a leaky pressure relief valve should be easy enough to repair. But if water is leaking from the tank itself, you'd better call a plumber.

Preventive Measures

Remember that prevention is always your best friend. If you can, keep the water temperature at a minimum of 150 degrees. Donít do this if you have young kids or older people in your home as they can get burned, but if itís just teenagers and adults, this is a great way to prevent problems.

Clean your tank every six months to get rid of problems before they occur and reduce buildup in your tank. Last, but not least, if you do detect a problem, fix it immediately. Donít wait until a new tank is your only solution. Small problems can be fixed quickly and easily, even by the average do-it-yourselfer.

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These articles will give you specific directions on how to perform a few simple repairs that anyone should be capable of doing without needing any help.

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